How to pick the right brand of toner cartridge for your HP CF400X toner cartridge.

An easy seven-step process for choosing the right brand of toner cartridge for your HP C201X machine, which takes a HP CF400X toner cartridge.

OK, so now that you've decided which of the four categories of toner cartridge you want, how do you pick which brand to buy, and who to buy it from?

Here are seven steps on how to pick the right brand for your HP CF400X.

1. DO NOT buy from a company that is loyal to any one particular brand.

The will never be loyal to you, rather they will be loyal to their pocketbook. Anybody who says that they carry the best brand of toner cartridge in the world will also lie about other things. That just means that the owner or the boss of that company is in a relationship with a particular manufacturer, and they are gonna push that on you regardless of your needs. Look for a broker, and stay away from anybody who just sells the OEM and one or two other brands. They are not looking out for you, they're only looking out for their commission.

2. Stay away from the big box stores.

I know, it's really easy to just go online and click on the toner cartridge that the big box recommends you buy. You may have been buying this for a while, and still, have had no problems. But the truth of the matter is that your flushing money down the toilet. You're getting a product that will most likely work most of the time, but you're not getting the yield that you deserve. One of the ways they compete in the marketplace, with the lowest pricing, is by skimping on the actual toner that goes into the cartridge. It may only be 10% to 15% less, but you'll end up paying more per page then you should.

3. Stay away from compatible brands you see everywhere.

If you see a brand of toner at the big box store, and then somebody calls you, or your current supplier also sells them, you're buying a brand that is being manufactured by multiple manufacturers. As a result, you will not have the proper quality or consistency that you deserve.

4. Stay away from labeled cartridges that are exclusive to the person who was selling it to you.

They claim that it's their product or their brand of toner cartridge, but it's really just a box, where they will try to get the cheapest product and stick it there for you. It's a marketing ploy of promising you the world and delivering the cheapest thing possible. You deserve better than that.

5. Ask them to send you the product on a net 30-day open account.

That's right, get them to send you the toner so that you can try it before you pay for it. Make sure that if you don't like it, you can send it back for 100% refund. This way, you'll get the broker to send you something that will actually work the way they said it's going to work.

6. Buy from a company that guarantees their product in the following way.

They guarantee that if the toner cartridge ruins your printer, they will send out a technician for free in order to service it. If it damages your printer beyond repair, they will replace the printer for free. If you buy more than you need, and it's been over a year, they will still replace the toner cartridge for you at no cost. If you happen to get a defective, they will send you a two-for-one replacement. This guarantee is standard amongst wholesale brokers, who genuinely care more for you then their pocketbook, or what deal they've made with any particular manufacturer.

7. Negotiate the right price for your compatible product.

Here's a trade secret for you. Most compatible products cost less than the OEM, but more than any remanufactured/refill toner cartridge. You will save about 30%, give or take, off of the OEM cost. They get the same quality and the same yield as you would with the OEM if you find the right product for you. Your broker should definitely ask you questions in order to find out what brand best fits your needs, then offer one for you, with the above guarantee. If you push too much on price, and they are not strong enough to help educate you, they will sell you a cheaper product than you deserve. So aim for about 30% less than the cost of the OEM.


Remember, you want to deal with somebody who genuinely is interested in doing the best thing for you. If they try to promote or sell you a particular brand without asking you what you will be printing or getting to know what your needs are, you can rest assured you're most likely not going to get the best product. Or best case scenario, you're gambling in hopes of getting some that work for you.

Also, if they say they can get any brand, but keep pushing on one particular brand, you know they're lying to you.

Everybody has their favorite brand, and that's OK, just make sure that they can get you anything you want.

Here's one more tip: You might want to have two or three different brands in your office, depending on what you're printing. By doing this, you'll not only know you're working with a real broker, but you'll also get the best deal at the best price based on your needs; if they vary department to department.


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How to easily get the best deal on your HP CF400X toner cartridge.

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How to pick the right brand of toner cartridge for your HP CF400X toner cartridge.

An easy seven-step process for choosing the right brand of toner cartridge for your HP C201X machine, which takes a HP CF400X toner cartridge.

OK, so now ...


How to determine what type of toner cartridge you are getting for you HP C400X.

By now you know there are four categories of toner cartridges you could possibly buy.



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